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IP Thermometer and Hygrometer Didactum 100

Expandable stand-alone monitoring and control system for monitoring temperature, humidity, dew point and switching contacts. Expandable with up to forty sensors, additional digital inputs, CAN sensors and 1-Wire sensors. Optional 4G expansion. Rapid commissioning through user-friendly installation wizard.





309.00 €*

Supported sensors

The Didactum Monitoring System 100 is equipped with four inputs for analog sensors. A temperature sensor and a humidity sensor are already included. Furthermore, the Didactum Monitoring System 100 is equipped with four switching inputs that monitorsmoke detectors, door contacts, water leakage sensors and dry contacts. The USB port allows the connection of a video camera.


The Didactum Monitoring System 100 is equipped with two relay outputs. These can be used to operate signaling devices such as alarm sirens and warning lights, as well as to operate electronic locks. The USB port can be used to store measurement data and log files.


A 4G LTE modem can be added to the product for communication via mobile networks. Data access is via various network protocols and a responsive, multi lingual web interface. The Didactum 100 is fully SNMPv1/v2v/3 compatible. The MIB is available for download in the web interface. Thus, the device is compatible with all common MNS such as Nagios, HP OpenView, Zabbix and PRTG. The connection to an OpenVPN server is also supported.

Alarm function

This IP thermometer can forward messages and alarms via e-mail, (optional) SMS and also via SNMP. The content of the alarm can be customized via macro. In addition, the IP thermometer can signal alarms via siren and strobe light if desired. Integration into the BMS or alarm system is also possible. If there is a fire, a burglary or a burst pipe, you will be informed immediately.

Data logger

This IP thermometer records the measured values and displays them graphically in the web interface. The data can be exported as a CSV and XML file, for example to comply with documentation requirements within the scope of HACCP. The capacity of the data logger is sufficient for measured values of up to half a year and can be expanded to up to 64 GB on request.

Video surveillance

A USB camera can be connected if desired. The image material can be forwarded from the USB video camera via FTP upload, SMS and also via e-mail. In addition, images from up to 4 IP cameras can be viewed in the user interface. Please regard that a storage of the video data of the IP surveillance cameras is not supported.


This IP thermometer is flexibly upgradeable. Available options include a 1-Wire extension for access control, a 4G LTE modem for mobile networks, sensor expansion unit for additional important sensors, an expansion unit for dry contact inputs. An expansion unit for Modbus/RTU devices is also available. We will be happy to advise you in detail.