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Monitoring System 50 Bundle Temperature and Humidity

IP thermometer with two inputs for analog sensors, two switching outputs (12V/0.25 A) and two digital inputs. Full support for SNMPv1/v2/v3.





243.90 €*

Supported sensors
Sensor Ports

The Didactum Monitoring System 50 has two ports for analog sensors. A temperature sensor is included. Two switching inputs monitor smoke detectors, door contacts and dry contacts. The USB port supports the connection of a video camera. The functionality of the IP thermometer can be extended by a Modbus unit and a 1-Wire unit.


Access to the collected measurement data is provided via a responsive web interface and various network protocols. The Monitoring System 50 is fully SNMP compatible (SNMPv1, SNMPv2c and SNMPv3). The MIB can be downloaded from the multilingual user interface. The IP thermometer supports Nagios, Zabbix, WhatsUp Gold and other network management systems (NMS). The OpenVPN client allows you to connect to your virtual private network, so you can monitor remote sites.


The Didactum 50 has two 12VDC relay outputs. These switch signal transmitters such as sirens and/or flashing lights. Furthermore, they open or lock electronic locks. The USB port can be used to record measurement data and log files

Alarm functions

This IP thermometer alarms via e-mail, SMS (via 3 rd party e-mail to SMS gateway) and SNMP. The content of the alarm can be customized easily. The switching outputs enable the control of visual and acoustic signals via alarm siren and strobe light.

Data logger

Via the responsive user interface the measurement data of up to half a year can be viewed and exported as CSV and XML file. The memory of the IP thermometer can be expanded up to 64 GB via the USB port.

Video surveillance

The USB interface allows the easy connection of an video surveillance camera. The image can be viewed via the web interface.