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sensorProbe 2+

The IP thermometer AKCP sensorProbe2+ supports the connection of up to four original AKCP sensors, for example, temperature, humidity, water, motion or smoke detector.



AKCess Pro® - AKCP®


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Supported sensors

The sensorProbe2+ (SP2+) is equipped with four sensor ports that monitor sensors from AKCP and digital switching signals. With an optional expansion unit, Modbus devices can also be monitored.


The sensor ports of this IP-capable remote monitoring and control unit can be configured as digital outputs (0/5 VDC).


This IP-thermometer supports SNMPv3 and email. Data transfer to the AKCP cloud is also possible. A VPN client enables remote access after licensing. The device can be connected to mobile networks by an optional 4G modem.

Alarm function

The device alarms via e-mail and SNMP trap. The sensor ports support the easy connection of an alarm generator such as the AKCP “Alarm siren with strobe light”.

Data logger

Measured values are recorded in the internal 16 MB memory and are optionally transferred to the AKCP cloud. Acquired measurement data is available for download as CSV or JSON file.


With SP2+, a license for SNMPv3 is already included. The license for the VPN function can be purchased separately from the official AKCP dealer Didactum.