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The web thermo-hygrobarometer records temperature, humidity and air pressure via a combination sensor. It offers a wide range of protocols and enables easy integration into Node-RED environments as well as the free W&T Cloud.



Wiesemann & Theis


348,00 €*

Supported sensors

The web thermo-hygrobarometer is equipped with a combination sensor that detects temperature, humidity and air pressure.


The unit does not have any other outputs.


The Web-Thermo-Hygrobarometer is connected to the Ethernet via standard network cables. It supports a wide variety of network protocols for industry, network management systems and automation. In addition, the data can be queried directly via TCP or UDP.

Alarm function

The web thermo-hygrobarometer alarms via e-mail, SNMP trap or HTTP post, among others. Up to 12 alarm actions can be configured, depending on measured values.

Data logger

The unit’s internal data logger stores measured values, depending on the storage frequency (1/15 s - 1/60 m), within a period of between 6 weeks and 20 years. The data can be exported via FTP, as a CSV file or as an e-mail attachment.

Node-RED and W&T Cloud

W&T places great emphasis on IoT connectivity. It has been operating a free measurement data cloud for W&T customers for several years. Furthermore, Node-RED connectors are available for all web thermometers.