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Web-Thermometer Air Quality

The Air Quality web thermometer records temperature, humidity and air pressure via a combination sensor. It offers a wide range of protocols and enables easy integration into NodeRED environments and the free W&T Cloud.



Wiesemann & Theis


398.00 €*

Supported sensors

The combination sensor of the Air Quality web thermometer measures temperature, humidity and the proportion of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the ambient air. VOCs are gaseous organic substances such as hydrocarbons, alcohols, aldehydes and organic acids. They are produced by biological processes such as respiration, but solvents and fuels also contain VOCs.


The unit is not equipped with any additional outputs.


A large number of different network protocols are available for integration into systems for building surveillance, network monitoring or applications from the field of Industry 4.0, including direct data access via TCP and UDP sockets.

Alarm function

The Air Quality web thermometer can trigger up to twelve freely configurable alarms when critical limit values are exceeded or undershot. Among other things, the device can send notifications via SNMP trap and e-mail.

Data logger

The memory of the data logger allows the recording of measured values over a period of up to 20 years. This depends on the set recording frequency. This ranges from 1/15s to 1/h.

Node-Red and W&T Cloud

W&T provides connectors for transmission to Node-RED applications. Furthermore, the transmission of measured values to the manufacturer’s free cloud is possible. This enables worldwide data access.