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Web-Thermometer NTC

The NTC web thermometer is equipped with a resistance sensor with a negative temperature coefficient and detects temperatures between -45°C and 75°C.



Wiesemann & Theis


248.00 €*

Supported sensors

The NTC sensor of the NTC web thermometer is connected to the unit via a sub-D connector. The cable length is fixed at one metre.


The unit is not equipped with any other outputs.


The NTC web thermometer supports a variety of different network protocols and can therefore be used in a wide range of possible applications. These include industrial use as well as the Internet of Things and various monitoring applications.

Alarm function

Up to 12 alarms can be configured. When limit values are exceeded, the unit sends e-mails or SNMP traps, for example.

Data logger

The internal data logger offers a capacity for the measured values of up to twenty years. This depends on the frequency of the recordings. For example, the measured values can be stored once every 14 seconds or once per hour.

Node-RED and S&T Cloud

For worldwide data access, the manufacturer offers a free measurement data cloud. Node-RED connectors are also available for the NTC web thermometer.