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Web-Thermometer Pt100/Pt1000

The Pt100/Pt1000 web thermometer records temperatures via any platinum resistance sensors from the Pt100/Pt1000 series. Models with one, two and eight measuring inputs are available. Compatible Pt100 or Pt1000 sensors for almost all applications are available from various manufacturers.



Wiesemann & Theis


298 €*

Supported sensors

The Pt100/Pt1000 web thermometer is equipped with a measuring input for platinum resistance sensors.


The unit does not have any other outputs.


The Pt100/Pt1000 web thermometer supports a wide range of network protocols. This enables integration in Industry 4.0 contexts, in IoT applications, in network management systems (NMS) and monitoring systems. Developers can also access the measurement data directly via TCP or UDP.

Alarm function

The Pt100/Pt1000 web thermometer allows up to twelve different alarms to be set up. For example, e-mails can be sent or SNMP traps can be sent when limit values are exceeded.

Data logger

The Pt100/Pt1000 web thermometer is equipped with a data logger that records the measured values over a period of up to 20 years. This depends on the number of measured values recorded and the storage frequency (1/15s to 1/1h).

Node-RED and W&T Cloud

Node-RED connectors are available for the unit. This allows easy integration into IoT applications. W&T also provides its customers with a free cloud into which the measured values can be uploaded and thus read worldwide.