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Web thermometer

Web thermometers record measured values such as temperature and humidity. They record the measured data and send alarms via SMS, e-mail and other M2M protocols.

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Web thermometers

Web thermometers

Web thermometers are also called IP thermometers or network thermometers. In addition to temperature and humidity, the compact measuring devices often measure and monitor other measured values such as air pressure or air quality (CO2 or VOC). The recorded data can be retrieved in the network. The large number of supported protocols allows the use in many different many different applications such as rack monitoring, building monitoring or the implementation of documentation requirements according to HACCP and GMP.

Usable everywhere

IP thermometers are compact small measuring devices and can be used wherever there is a network connection: In the laboratory, in the server room, for monitoring freezers, refrigerators and storerooms, and much more.

Network connection

Web thermometers are network-enabled and support a wide range of M2M protocols. In addition to data retrieval via the web interface, they support protocols such as SNMP, MQTT and, of course, SMTP. Developers access the corresponding data directly via UDP or TCP sockets or a RESTful API.

Integration into monitoring systems

Web thermometers can be easily integrated into network management systems (NMS), monitoring systems, building control systems, Industry 4.0 applications and SCADA systems. Home control systems and the IoT (Internet of Things) are also supported.

Alarm Dispatch

Web thermometers trigger alarms when configurable thresholds are exceeded. Among other things, they send SMS, e-mails, SNMP traps or syslog messages. Depending on the supported protocols, other actions are also possible. They activate alarm sirens or flashing lights via switching outputs.

Data recording

The captured measurement data can be recorded, exported and sent by e-mail (e.g. for HACCP or GMP). In conjunction with the IoT clouds of the manufacturers, but also those of Google, Microsoft or Amazon, the collected data can also be can also be easily used for machine learning and pattern recognition.

Save energy

Web thermometers consume little energy and are therefore particularly environmentally friendly.



The following examples give an insight into the versatile fields of application of web thermometers. Whether a web thermometer is the best solution for your individual problem or whether there are better alternatives, we will gladly clarify together with you in a personal consultation!


Server rooms, data media storage and data centers

Web thermometers monitor the climate in the server room, data center and disk storage. Expandable models also allow subsequent access control, monitoring for smoke, leakage and more.


School, daycare and office

Where people interact, play, learn and work, the indoor climate and air quality fluctuate. With web thermometers, you ensure optimal working, feeling good and learning conditions at all times.


Biotechnology and other laboratories

Web thermometers monitor cooling equipment, air quality, vibration and more.


Good Manufacturing Practice

Web thermometers ensure optimal production conditions for medicines and support pharmacists with the documentation requirements according to GMP.


Archive, museum, library and depot

The indoor climate plays an essential role in the preventive conservation of cultural assets. Web thermometers reliably monitor reliably even rarely visited areas and warn of critical temperatures and elemental hazards such as water and fire. Web thermometers ensure optimal production conditions for medicines and support pharmacists with the documentation requirements according to GMP.


Retail and catering

Web thermometers continuously record the temperature of refrigerators, cold stores and cold rooms and warn of critical readings. In this way, they support and document compliance with HACCP.



A large number of manufacturers now supply network-compatible web thermometers. We pay attention to service and quality with our partners. Do you know of any other manufacturers that meet these criteria? We are happy about any recommendation!

AKCP - Manufacturer of  web thermometers from USA
Didactum - european manufacturer of web thermometers

Wiesemann und Theis - web thermometers from Germany